AquaPedia is an interactive, web-based, repository of living documents representing shared water information and wisdom

AquaPedia is envisioned as a reliable, relevant, and readily available water management information and wisdom collected and synthesized by users and producers of explicit (water information) and tacit (water wisdom) knowledge.

AquaPedia was originally developed at Tufts University. The initial content of the AquaPedia consists of case studies drawn from the Tufts Fall 2008 University Seminar on Water and Diplomacy: Integration of Science, Engineering, and Negotiations.

Water management problems are being faced, negotiated, and solved around the world. These problems can be complex and it is often difficult to find solutions that are amenable to the diverse interests at stake.

The goal of AquaPedia to collect and share knowledge of these problems. By producing and examining case studies we can link together the common threads, highlight successful activities, and find new answers to problems of water management around the world. Currently, a commonly accepted vocabulary and framework that can translate information between natural and societal domains to derive synthesized water knowledge does not exist. Our goal is to create a framework and a self-generative network to facilitate the production of actionable knowledge from across scales and places around the globe.