Any time a new case study is initiated or an article is changed significantly, the case study is assigned to an editor. This might be a graduate student at Tufts University or staff/faculty associated with Water Diplomacy.

Also, we encourage people to work with us to submit cases. If you are interested in adding information to an existing case, or adding a new case to the database, and have questions, please contact us; we’re happy to assist with the process.

One of the ideas underlying AquaPedia is that many people have a small piece of knowledge related to complex water problems — and our case study format are designed so that they can develop over time to incorporate new or expanded information. If you have worked on a small piece of a larger water problem, we are interested in incorporating your knowledge into AquaPedia.

If you would like to contribute through a collaborative process with an editor, we will work with you to make sure that the case study or article has the appropriate supporting references, images, and other materials. The editor will also review the case for completeness, so that readers of the article/case are aware if the topic is incomplete and what needs to be added or revised to improve the case.