Minute 319

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About Minute 319

Signed: 2012/11/20

Agreement Type: sub-national, agreement

Included in Agreement
Riparians - Arizona (U.S.), California (U.S.), Colorado (U.S.), Nevada (U.S.), New Mexico (U.S.), Utah (U.S.), Wyoming (U.S.)
Water Resources - Colorado River

All Facts about Minute 319

Minute 319 is a temporary agreement between the United States and Mexico effective until 2017. It is a subset to the 1944 Water Treaty with Mexico. The agreement sets guidelines for repair of Mexican canals from 2010 earthquake damage, distribution of flows under high elevation reservoir conditions, distribution of flows under low elevation reservoir conditions, intentionally created Mexican allocation, improvements in salinity and water for the environment. Minute 319 ties low flow protocols to the same Lake Mead elevations specified in the Interim Shortage Guidelines [LINK] (1075, 1050 and 1025 feet); at these elevations a tiered reduction in flows to Mexico is triggered. This US in turn shall provide Mexico with timely access to hydrologic information so that Mexico prepare for potential reductions. In order for Mexico to better its water allocation, the agreement allows Mexico to defer allocations and store it in Lake Mead for later use. The agreement also creates a pilot program to provide water for the environment in the Colorado Delta. The pilot will provide an annual base flow of 158,088 acre-feet and an initial higher volume pulse of water to the delta [1].

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Riparians Water Features

Agreement includes riparian- Arizona (U.S.), California (U.S.), Colorado (U.S.), Nevada (U.S.), New Mexico (U.S.), Utah (U.S.), Wyoming (U.S.)

Includes Water Resource- Colorado River

Projects and Initiatives Agreements and Treaties

Previous agreement was- Colorado River Compact, 2007 Interim Guidelines for Colorado River Operations, 1944 US-Mexico Water Treaty

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  1. ^ International Boundary and Water Commission (2012, November). Minute 319: Interim International Cooperation Measures in the Colorado River Basin Through 2017 and Extension of Minute 318 Cooperative Measures to Address the Continued Effects of the April 2010 Earthquake in the Mexicali Valley, Baja California. Retrieved from: http://www.ibwc.gov/Files/Minutes/Minute_319.pdf