What calculations and considerations should be investigated by countries looking to harness additional hydropower? Which potential outcomes should be investigated or identified?

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From: Efforts of Coordinating Joint Development of Hydropower Projects Within the Salween Basin

The importance of water cooperation/economic development can supersede working with an oppressive regime. Even though Myanmar is controlled by a junta that is blamed for human rights violations, Thailand is still willing to cooperate with their government in order to promote regional management of the Salween River. For Thailand, the development of the Salween River and the benefits received from such development takes precedence over working with an oppressive regime. National sovereignty to protect water resources goes beyond international pressure.

From: Integrated Joint Management Agreements of Mekong River Basin Riparians

From: Yarlung Zangbo / Brahmaputra River: Competing Priorities of Hydropower and Agriculture

Environmental impacts must be thoroughly assessed, lest the hydropower generation capacity be developed at the expense of water and ecosystem services that disadvantaged populations depend on, which can impact agricultural productivity and fishing on which these populations depend.