Rhine Basin

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Rhine Basin Facts

Basin Area: 173497 173,497 km²
66,969.842 mi²
Average Discharge: 45378.64845,378.648 m³/s
1,602,531.829 cfs
1,432.014 km³/y
Type:watershed or basin, river or creek

Includes Riparians: Austria; Belgium; Switzerland; Germany; France; Italy; Liechtenstein; Luxembourg; Netherlands;
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The Rhine Basin is located in Western Europe.

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Riparians Water Features

Located in this basin- Austria
Located in this basin- Luxembourg
Located in this basin- Italy
Located in this basin- Germany
Located in this basin- Belgium
Located in this basin- Netherlands
Located in this basin- Liechtenstein
Located in this basin- France
Located in this basin- Switzerland

Other - Austria
Other - Belgium
Other - Switzerland
Other - Germany
Other - France
Other - Italy
Other - Liechtenstein
Other - Luxembourg
Other - Netherlands

Projects and Initiatives Agreements and Treaties

Facts about Included Riparians

RiparianPopulation in BasinArea within Basin in sq. kmIrrigated Lands within Basin in sq kmAverage Discharge in cubic m per second
Austria0.345 million345,200 people1,365 km²527.029 mi²0 km²0 mi²
Luxembourg0.451 million450,700 people2,503 km²966.414 mi²0 km²0 mi²63.378 m³/s2,238.173 cfs
2 km³/y
Italy2.0e-5 million20 people54 km²20.85 mi²0 km²0 mi²0 m³/s0 cfs
0 km³/y
Germany36.3 million36,300,000 people98,140 km²37,892.066 mi²2,900 km²1,119.696 mi²31,689 m³/s1,119,086.473 cfs
1,000.01 km³/y
Belgium2.957 million2,957,000 people13,918 km²5,373.77 mi²400 km²154.441 mi²950.67 m³/s33,572.594 cfs
30 km³/y
Netherlands4.946 million4,946,000 people9,882 km²3,815.462 mi²2,200 km²849.425 mi²316.89 m³/s11,190.865 cfs
10 km³/y
Liechtenstein0.0379 million37,900 people176 km²67.954 mi²0 km²0 mi²0 m³/s0 cfs
0 km³/y
France3.894 million3,894,000 people23,052 km²8,900.427 mi²700 km²270.272 mi²2,852.01 m³/s100,717.783 cfs
90.001 km³/y
Switzerland5.76 million5,760,000 people24,407 km²9,423.595 mi²1,700 km²656.374 mi²9,506.7 m³/s335,725.942 cfs
300.003 km³/y
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Average Discharge45,378.648 m³/s (1,602,531.829 cfs, 1,432.014 km³/y) +
Basin Area173,497 km² (66,969.842 mi²) +
Located in RegionWestern Europe +
RiparianAustria +, Belgium +, Switzerland +, Germany +, France +, Italy +, Liechtenstein +, Luxembourg + and Netherlands +
Water Feature TypeWatershed or basin + and River or creek +
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