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2008 Kosi Flood +Kosi River  +


Addressing Declining Groundwater Supply in Umatilla County, Oregon, USA +Umatilla River  +
Arctic Ocean Ice Meltdown - Emerging Issues in Energy, Environment and Sustainability +Arctic Ocean  +


Baglihar Hydroelectric Plant - Issue between Pakistan and India +Indus River  +


Case Study of Transboundary Dispute Resolution: Multilateral Working Group on Water Resources (Middle East) +Jordan River  +
Case Study of Transboundary Dispute Resolution: the Tigris-Euphrates Basin +Tigris River  +, Euphrates River  +
China: The Three Gorges Dam Hydroelectric Project +Yangtze River  +
Colorado River Basin Shortages and Coordinated Operations for Lake Powell and Lake Mead +Colorado Basin  +, Colorado River  +, Lake Mead  +, Lake Powell  +
Competing Demands Among Water Uses in the Apalachicola- Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin +Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin  +
Conflict Management Strategies Among Riparians Within the Indus River Basin +Indus River  +
Conflicts over development in India's Narmada River Basin +Narmada River  +, Narmada River Basin  +


Drinking Water Supply in Phnom Penh, Cambodia +Mekong River  +


Efforts of Coordinating Joint Development of Hydropower Projects Within the Salween Basin +Salween River  +
Efforts to Resolve the Aral Sea Crisis +Aral Sea  +, Amu Darya (River)  +, Syr Darya (River)  +


Forming A Groundwater Sustainability Agency for Salinas Valley +Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin  +, Salinas River  +, Arroyo Seco  +, Lake Nacimiento  +
Forming Groundwater Sustainability Agencies for Sonoma County +Sonoma Valley Groundwater Subbasin  +, Petaluma Valley Groundwater Subbasin  +, Santa Rosa Plain Groundwater Subbasin  +, Russian River  +, Sonoma Creek  +


Gaza Strip Water Management +Coastal Aquifer (Israel, Palestine)  +
Geopolitics of South China Sea: The Arbitral Tribunal +Sea  +, Indo-Pacific  +


Ilisu Dam Project, Turkey +Upper Tigris Basin (Turkey)  +
Impacts of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on Downstream Countries +Blue Nile  +, Nile River  +
Integrated Joint Management Agreements of Mekong River Basin Riparians +Mekong River  +
Integrated Management and Negotiations for Equitable Allocation of Flow of the Jordan River Among Riparian States +Jordan River  +, Yarmuk River  +
Integration of a Basin-Wide Framework for Protecting Danube Water Quality +Danube River  +
International Joint Development of The La Plata River Basin +La Plata River  +
International Management for Water Quality Within The Kura-Araks Basin +Kura-Araks River  +
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