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This is a Semantic Internal Object used to store information about the portion of a Riparian that is within a Basin.

This should be the highest level of Riparians that share a basin-- For trans-boundary basins, this would be countries. For a basin that lies entirely within a country, the logical choice would be the largest level administrative unit, such as a state, province, or major district.

Each number referenced object holds:

  • "Basin" -- the name of the basin
  • "Riparian" -- the name of the Riparian
  • "Basin Discharge in Riparian"-- Average Basin Discharge as measured from a location within in the Riparian
  • "Irrigated Riparian Lands Basin Area"--the irrigated lands that lie within the
  • "Riparian Basin Area"-- the area that lies both within the given riparian and basin

Semantic Mediawiki/Forms Description: This is a property of type Page. It links to pages that use the form Riparian. It creates pages with form Riparian.