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This property lists descriptions of monitoring methods employed by organizational initiatives original defined by the International River Basin Organization Database created by Susanne Schmeier and permanently hosted by Oregon State University.

The use in AquaPedia may be different in scope than the original intention of the RBO database, and these descriptors may be applied to organizations or organizational initiatives that are not River Basin Organizations.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • institutionally implemented monitoring
  • individual members perform monitoring
  • external monitoring by third party

This is a property of type String.

Pages using the property "Monitoring Method"

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Finish Russian Commission on the Utilization of Frontier Waters +individual members perform monitoring  +
Finish-Norwegian Transboundary Waters Commission +institutionally implemented monitoring  +


International Commission for the Protection of Lake Constance +institutionally implemented monitoring  +


Lake Victoria Basin Commission +institutionally implemented monitoring  +


Nigeria-Niger Joint Commission for Cooperation +institutionally implemented monitoring  +


Tripartite Permanent Technical Committee +individual members perform monitoring  +