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This is a property of type Enumeration. Allowed values:

  • Moist tropical (Köppen A-type)
  • Semi-arid/steppe (Köppen B-type)
  • Arid/desert (Köppen B-type)
  • Humid mid-latitude (Köppen C-type)
  • Continental (Köppen D-type)

Additional Descriptors

  • Moist
  • Monsoon
  • Dry-summer
  • Dry-winter
  • cold-climate (permafrost, tundra, polar)
  • temperate
  • alpine

Pages using the property "Climate"

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2008 Kosi Flood +Humid mid-latitude (Köppen C-type)  +, Monsoon  +


A Salty Affair: An Analysis of U.S. – Mexico Water Diplomacy in the Colorado River +Arid/desert (Köppen B-type)  +
Addressing Declining Groundwater Supply in Umatilla County, Oregon, USA +Semi-arid/steppe (Köppen B-type)  +, Arid/desert (Köppen B-type)  +, Continental (Köppen D-type)  +, Dry-summer  +, temperate  +
Addressing the Transboundary Water Conflict Between the Blue Nile Riparian States +Semi-arid/steppe (Köppen B-type)  +, Arid/desert (Köppen B-type)  +
Arctic Ocean Ice Meltdown - Emerging Issues in Energy, Environment and Sustainability +cold-climate (permafrost, tundra, polar)  +


Baglihar Hydroelectric Plant - Issue between Pakistan and India +Humid mid-latitude (Köppen C-type)  +, Dry-winter  +


Case Study +Humid mid-latitude (Köppen C-type)  +
Case Study of Transboundary Dispute Resolution: Multilateral Working Group on Water Resources (Middle East) +Semi-arid/steppe (Köppen B-type)  +, Arid/desert (Köppen B-type)  +, Dry-summer  +, Dry-winter  +
Case Study of Transboundary Dispute Resolution: the Tigris-Euphrates Basin +Semi-arid/steppe (Köppen B-type)  +, Arid/desert (Köppen B-type)  +, Humid mid-latitude (Köppen C-type)  +
China: The Three Gorges Dam Hydroelectric Project +Humid mid-latitude (Köppen C-type)  +
Colorado River Basin Shortages and Coordinated Operations for Lake Powell and Lake Mead +Arid/desert (Köppen B-type)  +
Competing Demands Among Water Uses in the Apalachicola- Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin +Dry-summer  +, temperate  +
Conflict Management Strategies Among Riparians Within the Indus River Basin +Moist tropical (Köppen A-type)  +, Semi-arid/steppe (Köppen B-type)  +, Humid mid-latitude (Köppen C-type)  +, Continental (Köppen D-type)  +, Moist  +, Monsoon  +
Conflicts over development in India's Narmada River Basin +Semi-arid/steppe (Köppen B-type)  +, Arid/desert (Köppen B-type)  +, Monsoon  +, temperate  +
Creative Options and Value Creation to Address Water Security in the Eastern Nile Basin +Arid/desert (Köppen B-type)  +, Monsoon  +


Drinking Water Supply in Phnom Penh, Cambodia +Moist tropical (Köppen A-type)  +, Monsoon  +


Efforts of Coordinating Joint Development of Hydropower Projects Within the Salween Basin +Moist tropical (Köppen A-type)  +, Humid mid-latitude (Köppen C-type)  +, Continental (Köppen D-type)  +, Moist  +, Monsoon  +
Efforts to Resolve the Aral Sea Crisis +Semi-arid/steppe (Köppen B-type)  +, Arid/desert (Köppen B-type)  +, Continental (Köppen D-type)  +, Dry-summer  +


Flood Management in Maritsa River Basin +Continental (Köppen D-type)  +
Forming A Groundwater Sustainability Agency for Salinas Valley +Semi-arid/steppe (Köppen B-type)  +, Arid/desert (Köppen B-type)  +
Forming Groundwater Sustainability Agencies for Sonoma County +Humid mid-latitude (Köppen C-type)  +, Dry-summer  +


Gaza Strip Water Management +Dry-summer  +
Geopolitics of South China Sea: The Arbitral Tribunal +Moist tropical (Köppen A-type)  +, Monsoon  +


Ilisu Dam Project, Turkey +Semi-arid/steppe (Köppen B-type)  +
Impacts of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on Downstream Countries +Arid/desert (Köppen B-type)  +, Continental (Köppen D-type)  +
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