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This property is used to describe the type of agreement (or descriptors for an agreement) described by an Agreement Article.

A user can describe an agreement in terms of its level and scope using terms provided as "checkbox" options in the editing form.

You can learn more about articles that serve as background for case studies at the associated help page: Help:Background_Article

Semantic Mediawiki/Forms Description:

This is a property of type string.

The allowed values for this property are:

public-private partnership



In the list below, Agreement articles that use this property are listed on the left. The specific values checked for those articles are on the right. Clicking on the "magnifying glass - search" icon will take you to a list of all pages that link to that specific property value.

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1944 US-Mexico Water Treaty +trans-national  +, treaty  +
1977 Ganges Water Agreement +agreement  +


Adana Agreement +agreement  +
Agreement Between the Governments of the Republic of Botswana the Kingdom of Lesotho the Republic of Namibia and the Republic of South Africa on the Establishment of the Orange-Senqu Commission. Windhoek, 3 November, 2000 +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement between Finland and Sweden concerning frontier waters +agreement  +
Agreement between Finland and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics concerning frontier watercourses, Helsinki +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement between His Majesty's government of Nepal and the government of India on the Gandak Irrigation and Power Project +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement between Pakistan and India on West Pakistan-India border disputes +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement between the Federal Republic of Germany, the Czech Republic and the Republic of Poland on protection of the Oder river from pollution +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement between the Government of Kazakhstan and the Government of People's Republic of China on management and protection of transboundary rivers +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement between the Republic of Zimbabwe and the Republic of Zambia concerning the utilization of the Zambesi River +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement between the United Mexican States and the Republic of Guatemala on the protection and improvement of the environment in the border area +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement between the government of Estonia and the government of the Russian Federation on the protection and rational use of transboundary waters +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement between the government of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia and the government of the People's Republic of Albania concerning water economy questions (1956) +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement between the government of the People's Republic of China and the government of Mongolia on the protection and utilization of transboundary waters +agreement  +
Agreement between the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the government of the Kyrgyz Republic and the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the use of water and energy resources of the Sry Darya Basin +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement between the government of the United Arab Republic and the government of Sudan for full utilization of the Nile waters +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement between the governments of the Republic of Angola, the Republic of Botswana, and the Republic of Namibia on the establishment of a permanent Okavango River Basin Water Commission (OKACOM) +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement concerning the River Niger Commission and the navigation and transport on the River Niger +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement concerning the utilization of the rapids of the Uruguay River in the Salto Grande area +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement constituting the trilateral commission for the development of the Pilcomayo river basin +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement for the establishment of the organization for the management and development of the Kagera river basin (with attached map), Concluded at Rusumo, Rwanda +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement for the multiple uses of the resources of the upper basin of the Bermejo river and the Grande de Tarija river +treaty  +, trans-national  +
Agreement of cooperation between the government of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay and the Federal Republic of Brazil for the use of natural resources and the development of the basin of the Cuareim river +agreement  +, trans-national  +
Agreement on Great Lakes water quality with annexes and attachments, signed at Ottawa +agreement  +, trans-national  +
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