Limpopo Basin

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Limpopo Basin Facts

Basin Area: 413552 413,552 km²
159,631.072 mi²
Average Discharge: 20946.42920,946.429 m³/s
739,716.159 cfs
661.006 km³/y
Type:watershed or basin, river or creek

Includes Riparians: Botswana; Mozambique; South Africa; Zimbabwe;
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The Limpopo Basin is located in Southern Africa.

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Riparians Water Features

Located in this basin- Botswana
Located in this basin- Zimbabwe
Located in this basin- Mozambique
Located in this basin- South Africa

Other - Botswana
Other - Mozambique
Other - South Africa
Other - Zimbabwe

Projects and Initiatives Agreements and Treaties

Facts about Included Riparians

RiparianPopulation in BasinArea within Basin in sq. kmIrrigated Lands within Basin in sq kmAverage Discharge in cubic m per second
Botswana1.159 million1,159,000 people81,068 km²31,300.53 mi²1,600 km²617.763 mi²
Zimbabwe0.793 million793,200 people62,465 km²24,117.871 mi²1,900 km²733.594 mi²1,901.34 m³/s67,145.188 cfs
60.001 km³/y
Mozambique1.118 million1,118,000 people86,970 km²33,579.305 mi²13,000 km²5,019.328 mi²31.689 m³/s1,119.086 cfs
1 km³/y
South Africa11.499 million11,499,000 people183,049 km²70,675.614 mi²11,000 km²4,247.124 mi²19,013.4 m³/s671,451.884 cfs
600.006 km³/y
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Average Discharge20,946.429 m³/s (739,716.159 cfs, 661.006 km³/y) +
Basin Area413,552 km² (159,631.072 mi²) +
Located in RegionSouthern Africa +
RiparianBotswana +, Mozambique +, South Africa + and Zimbabwe +
Water Feature TypeWatershed or basin + and River or creek +
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