International Fund for the Aral Sea

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This project has been described as: "Initiative - commission or other group" is not in the list of possible values (Dam, Aqueduct/canal/transmission system, Irrigation, Wastewater Treatment, Drinking Water Treatment, Hydropower, Storage, Desalination Project) for this property.

The principle project goals/components of the IFAS were defined and to be implemented starting in 1998 as follows:

  • Component A "Water and Salt Management" prepares the integrated regional water and salt management strategy on the basis of national strategies
  • Subcomponent A2 "Water Conservation Competition" disseminates the experience of farms, water users' associations and rayon water management organizations in water conservation
  • Component B "Public Awareness" educates the general public to conserve water and to accept burdensome political decisions
  • Component C "Dam and Reservoir Management" raises reliability of operation and sustainability of dams
  • Component D "Transboundary Water Monitoring" creates the basic physical capacity to monitor transboundary water flows and quality
  • Component E "Wetlands Restoration" rehabilitates a wetland area near the Amu Darya delta (Lake Sudoche) and contributes to global biodiversity conservation

Ever since its formation in 1998, IFAS has been under severe constraints and has had difficulties with its credibility and dealing with multi-sectoral issues.[1]

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