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All Case Study and Background Articles can be edited with special tabbed forms. Each of the tabs focuses on a different section/topic within a case or article.

Navigating Between Tabs

Click a different tab title to go to a new tab. Changes do not need to be saved before navigating between tabs, but you must save changes before leaving the editing page for your changes to take effect. All changes are only stored locally (in your browser window) until you select the Save or Save and Continue Editing buttons at the bottom of the page.

Tab rendering in mobile or certain browsers

Tabs may appear as text links in certain browsers or when accessing the website through a slow internet connections. The functionality remains is the same.

Editing Tab Topics

Case Studies

  • Case Description
  • Background Articles
  • Historic, Economic and Poltical Framework
  • Issues and Stakeholders
  • Analysis
  • Key Questions
  • Case Summary
  • Case Review

Background Articles

  • Description
  • External Links
  • Article Review