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All Case Studies in AquaPedia must have unique names

Selecting a Name

Please take the time to name a new case study contribution with a unique name that reflects the location and focus of the case. You may wish to examine the current case studies to get an idea of what others have called their cases before beginning your own.

Technical Limitations

Do to mediawiki software limitations certain titles are not permitted

  • Titles must begin with an upper case letter
  • Titles must be less than ~256 characters
  • Titles cannot use the following symbols:
# < > [ ] | { }
  • Some characters are allowed in titles, but we ask you avoid using them, due to potential software conflicts or errors
; : / \ . ~ %
  • Avoid using special characters in titles, as they may not display accurately in all browsers. Stick to alpha-numeric, parentheses, and commas, if at all possible.