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Section Headings cannot be added as the first item in text areas in case study or article forms

Any section of a form that has a "text area" input -- which allows a user to add a large area of user formatted, paragraph style text -- cannot start with a section heading ("==Example Sub-heading=="). If a user elect to start one of these sections with a sub heading, then an extra "=" sign is formatted into the resulting article.

Workaround: don't start text area sections with a heading. Use an introductory sentence or paragraph before subdividing the section.

Time delay when creating new articles from within a case study or other article

When you add a new article with semantic properties from within a case study or other article (such as adding a link to a riparian that does not yet have an entry on AquaPedia), the system adds an item to it's "job" list telling the site to add the new page of the specific article type, using a specific form for editing. Each time a user clicks any link on AquaPedia, a few of the jobs in the "job queue" are completed by the system -- this helps the system from being overwhelmed when a lot of changes are made in a very short time.

If you've added a link to a newly created article while editing a case study or other background article, it may take a little while for the new page to be generated. Clicking existing links or hitting refresh on the original article you edited a few times may help the page appear faster.