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Each case study has a section for including “key questions” – questions for which you can develop a case-specific answer (“focused”), but the questions are also generally applicable to multiple-cases (“broad”). You could imagine that with enough case-specific insight, multiple answers to each question could be synthesized to provide evidence that would be useful in addressing other ongoing or emergent water conflicts or complex management issues. The hope is that case-specific insight to these questions will provide first glimpses into emergent patterns for further research by scholars, or perhaps to examples of implementation practices that could be useful to water professionals looking to find out more about how others have addressed problems similar to the challenges they face.

The list of questions were originally populated from input from Shafiqul Islam and Larry Susskind, as well as adaptation of questions addressed by students from Tufts University in Water Diplomacy Seminar assignments. The list may be appended or revised.

Adding Key Questions to Cases

Users may select from the list of questions when adding or editing cases. Please answer the question as it pertains to your case and provide a suggestion for how this might have broader implications. Answers should be brief and may refer to material in the case.

How AquaPedia Readers can Use Key Questions

Each Key Question is linked to the case within which they appear and also to all other answers to that question. Users can view Key Questions within an individual case, and also on a special page that lists all of the answers to a particular key question. This provides a quick way to find cases that deal with a specific issue that may be transferrable to other cases.

Suggesting New Questions or Question Revision

Contributing users who would like to see new questions should request them on the discussion page for this article. In your request, please list the type/topic for the question (either a current/existing topic/type or to suggest a new one), the question you would like, and a short explanation for why it should be added.

List of Current Key Questions

Below is a list of Key Questions that are currently available. Please report any inaccuracies to an administrator. They are presented in no particular order and are generally organized by type/topic of question.

Dams, Hydropower and Infrastructure

Urban Water Systems and Water Treatment

Transboundary Water Issues


Influence, Leadership and Power

Balancing Industries and Sectors