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AquaPedia cases can often be seen as a hub-like source for learning about a specific water case study or learning about related types of water problems. Because AquaPedia is collaboratively edited and community built, you may find it useful to seek out the material referenced within cases for further research.

All cases and articles include reference sections that detail any citations from the page. You can use these references to find additional sources suitable for citing in academic or other work.

ASI articles, within case studies, however, do have specific contributing authors and the material is protected -- it may represent a specific point of view or the research of one or a few people. Those articles may provide materials you wish to directly cite.

Citing AquaPedia Articles

  • You need to use an electronic-citation format. Our Citation Tool makes it easy (read below).
  • Most articles are collaboratively written and the authors are "AquaPedia Case Study Database contributors"

However, if you do need to find the list of authors of a particular article, you can check the page history.

  • The exception is for ASI articles, which have contributing author(s) listed in the article.
  • You should use the citation tool, described below to ensure that you have accurate information for the version of the page you are citing. A page can be updated and changed, which means the information you are citing could be removed or appended. The citation tool references the exact version (date and timestamp) of the article, and links to the archived page.

Citation Tool

The easiest way: From any case or article, click the link under the"Advanced" menu (left side of page) that says: "Cite this page."

Or, you can visit Special:Cite and copy and paste a page title into the form.

Caveat: If you are citing an ASI, you can manually add the authors name(s) listed in the article to the citation. Unfortunately, the citation tool cannot extract author names from ASI articles.