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Navigating a Case in the "Edit" view

At the top of each page are a series of tabs with each section header. A case study has multiple sections:

  • Case Description - basic geographic information and links to related water bodies/features, infrastructure pages, and agreements/treaties
  • Historic, Economic and Political Framework- background information that helps set up the case
  • Issues and Stakeholders - major issues within a case and stakeholder groups are organized to better group cases in sorts and searches. Issues and stakeholders are listed explicitly, but not ranked (an Analysis,Synthesis, & Insights section can address issues/stakeholders in a more subjective way).
  • Analysis,Synthesis, & Insights - users can enter multiple sections for each case to better capture controversial issues, varying perspectives, new perspectives and understanding of the case over time, and personal experiences with the case topic.
  • Key Questions - answers to general questions regarding the complex challenges of water management. Each case can contribute a little bit of synthesis or a description of tacit knowledge that contributes to better ways to answer these challenges.
  • Summary - A case summary for the site users who are "previewing" a case to decide if they want to read further
  • Case Review - an author or editor can "flag" a case to express its level of completeness or areas that require improvement

When Editing a Case

Click between the tabs to edit different sections.

No sections are saved until you click "Save page" -- a button located at the lower left side of the page (you may need to scroll). You may use the "preview" button to see what your case would look like.

You may save the page and return to editing by clicking "Edit" at the top right hand side of the page.

Reading and Contributing to Discussion

To comment on a case, click the "Discussion" link at the top left side of the page. You will arrive on a "discussion" page where you may start a new "thread" (discussion topic) and reply to any previously posted messages ("threads" or their replies).

Making Edits