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AquaPedia is meant to be an educational resource for individuals and organizations interested in issues related to water conflict and negotiated solutions to water management challenges. AquaPedia does not profit from any contributions to this site.

AquaPedia is housed within the United States, and content on AquaPedia is intended to be within the legal requirements of U.S. Federal Law.

Generally speaking, content prepared for AquaPedia should be submitted with the knowledge that it may be reproduced by anyone. There is no way to guarantee that your AquaPedia contributions are attributed only to you. We suggest all contributions follow the guidelines presented by a Creative Commons v.3.0 (or similar) license.

When adding quotes, paraphrasing resources, or adapting content previously produced by another for AquaPedia, you may be including copyrighted work. This may or may not be allowable under U.S. Law, depending on the type of information you are including, and how you are including it.


Please see their webpage on the topic for additional guidance: or the definition of fair use: Wikipedia maintains a page about Fair Use that is fairly easy to read and includes examples:

General Advice

  1. Always cite your references within the document. Cite often and repeatedly, if necessary.
  2. Keep quoted or paraphrased material as short as necessary, and see item #1.
  3. Include copyright info and assumption of use in ANY summary for uploaded files.
  4. Include permission information in references, when appropriate.
  5. Don't copy or upload images/files that you did not create, unless you know that you have permission to use the file or it was released under an appropriate license.
  6. Just because you are the creator of a previously published work, you might not have the legal right to use it however you please. Review your agreement with the publishing organization.
  7. Even if you do not have permission to use certain content, someone else on the internet might. You may include a link to other websites that have the ability to present the information/file/etc you wish to share. Interested parties can then go view the content in the appropriate location. Do not provide links to locations that are using copyrighted materials without permission.
  8. This is not legal advice, and we are not qualified to provide advice regarding the legality of any specific inclusion.

Caveats and Disclaimers

If there is a dispute as to the legality of incorporating certain content, we will err on the side of the copyright holder and delete the material when we are made aware of the content/dispute. Water Diplomacy has limited oversight as to site content.

Content on this site is not coordinated with any of the organizations involved in its production.

AquaPedia Case Study Database is provided and maintained by The information contained on AquaPedia is for general information purposes only, and is provided by registered users and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of or Tufts University. Any reliance you place on the information contained in the wiki is strictly at your own risk. AquaPedia provides links to external websites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them. Efforts are made to keep the wiki running smoothly, but we takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.

You can also read our general disclaimer.