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AquaPedia uses Semantic Maps, an extension that allows maps to be incorporated within any article. Any user who can edit a page can add a map to that page.

For most maps on AquaPedia, a static image may be the best representation of the information. However, if you have a wealth of geocoded information related to a case or article, you may want to include a dynamic map.

Users who are familiar with mapping tools like Google Fusion Tables, OSM/OpenLayers, or the Google Maps API can use these tools to incorporate custom dynamic maps within a case or article.

The Maps Extension Examples Page

Users who have relevant, prepared (geocoded) information they would like to include in a map, but are uncertain how to proceed with sharing it should contact an administrator.

Like all information on AquaPedia, the data must be freely available in the public domain, or you must have permissions to share it with a global audience (releasing the data to the public).