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New user accounts have limited functionality. Newly created accounts may add to discussion pages, but they cannot edit existing articles or create new articles. Users must receive "confirmed-user" status before they can edit or create new articles.

Upgrading a user account to "confirmed-user"

To help prevent spam, page vandalism, and keep contribution quality high, we require most new users to complete a few steps prior to upgrading their account (allowing editing).

New users should complete these steps to get upgraded to "confirmed-users"

1) Verify your email account. The system will send you a link to click through. If you missed this email, then visit your Preferences page to fix your address or resend the verification email.

2) Contact an administrator and let us know that you would like to be able to edit/contribute. Send a Message to an Administrator to request Account Upgrade

3) Your account will be upgraded. This may take up to 3 days, especially if you apply during a weekend or on a U.S. holiday. If after several days, you don't receive a message confirming your account upgrade, you should send us another message.

Becoming an Editor or Administrator

Right now, we don't have a formal path to editor or administrator status. We'll figure something out, but it will only be available to users who have demonstrated a significant desire to improve and review articles and cases.