Danube Basin

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The Danube Basin is located in Southern Europe.

Case Studies linked to Danube Basin[edit]

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Articles linked to Danube Basin[edit]

Riparians Water Features

Located in this basin- Albania
Located in this basin- Moldova
Located in this basin- Croatia
Located in this basin- Slovakia
Located in this basin- Czech Republic
Located in this basin- Poland
Located in this basin- Bosnia and Herzegovina
Located in this basin- Moldova
Located in this basin- Austria
Located in this basin- Ukraine
Located in this basin- Hungary
Located in this basin- Slovenia
Located in this basin- Germany
Located in this basin- Romania
Located in this basin- Switzerland
Located in this basin- Montenegro
Located in this basin- Bulgaria
Located in this basin- Italy

Other - Albania
Other - Austria
Other - Bulgaria
Other - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Other - Switzerland
Other - Czech Republic
Other - Germany
Other - Croatia
Other - Hungary
Other - Italy
Other - Moldova
Other - Montenegro
Other - Poland
Other - Romania
Other - Slovakia
Other - Slovenia
Other - Moldova
Other - Ukraine

Feature in this basin- Drava River

Projects and Initiatives Agreements and Treaties

Facts about Included Riparians

RiparianPopulation in BasinArea within Basin in sq. kmIrrigated Lands within Basin in sq kmAverage Discharge in cubic m per second
Albania0.0032 million3,200 people227 km²87.645 mi²0 km²0 mi²
Moldova7.861 million7,861,000 people74,491 km²28,761.136 mi²7,861,000 km²3,035,149.068 mi²9,506.7 m³/s335,725.942 cfs
300.003 km³/y
Croatia3.115 million3,115,000 people35,804 km²13,824.002 mi²0 km²0 mi²6,337.8 m³/s223,817.295 cfs
200.002 km³/y
Slovakia5.142 million5,142,000 people45,593 km²17,603.556 mi²5,142,000 km²1,985,337.299 mi²9,506.7 m³/s335,725.942 cfs
300.003 km³/y
Czech Republic2.671 million2,671,000 people20,493 km²7,912.392 mi²800 km²308.882 mi²1,267.56 m³/s44,763.459 cfs
40 km³/y
Poland0.0402 million40,200 people645 km²249.036 mi²0 km²0 mi²0 m³/s0 cfs
0 km³/y
Bosnia and Herzegovina3.772 million3,772,000 people38,576 km²14,894.277 mi²0 km²0 mi²9,506.7 m³/s335,725.942 cfs
300.003 km³/y
Moldova1.425 million1,425,000 people13,944 km²5,383.808 mi²2,400 km²926.645 mi²63.378 m³/s2,238.173 cfs
2 km³/y
Austria7.813 million7,813,000 people81,644 km²31,522.925 mi²4,900 km²1,891.901 mi²63,378 m³/s2,238,172.946 cfs
2,000.02 km³/y
Ukraine2.689 million2,689,000 people29,613 km²11,433.643 mi²2,689,000 km²1,038,228.704 mi²6,337.8 m³/s223,817.295 cfs
200.002 km³/y
Hungary9.964 million9,964,000 people92,995 km²35,905.57 mi²7,400 km²2,857.156 mi²9,506.7 m³/s335,725.942 cfs
300.003 km³/y
Slovenia1.783 million1,783,000 people17,162 km²6,626.285 mi²1,783,000 km²688,420.149 mi²2,535.12 m³/s89,526.918 cfs
80.001 km³/y
Germany9.975 million9,975,000 people59,130 km²22,830.221 mi²600 km²231.661 mi²19,013.4 m³/s671,451.884 cfs
600.006 km³/y
Romania21.542 million21,542,000 people229,462 km²88,595.774 mi²59,700 km²23,050.299 mi²126,756 m³/s4,476,345.892 cfs
4,000.039 km³/y
Switzerland0.0385 million38,500 people2,495 km²963.325 mi²0 km²0 mi²95.067 m³/s3,357.259 cfs
3 km³/y
Montenegro0.184 million183,800 people7,034 km²2,715.843 mi²0 km²0 mi²316.89 m³/s11,190.865 cfs
10 km³/y
Bulgaria3.119 million3,119,000 people41,282 km²15,939.069 mi²4,100 km²1,583.019 mi²1,267.56 m³/s44,763.459 cfs
40 km³/y
Italy0.0231 million23,100 people1,264 km²488.033 mi²0 km²0 mi²31.689 m³/s1,119.086 cfs
1 km³/y
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