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Colorado River Facts

Basin Area: 655167 655,167 km²
252,894.462 mi²
Average Basin Discharge: 158443.823158,443.823 m³/s
5,595,390.8 cfs
5,000.012 km³/y
Type:watershed or basin, river or creek

Includes Riparians: The United States of America; Mexico;
Facts about included riparians are at the end of the article. Fact References[1]


All Facts about Colorado River

The Colorado River and its tributaries supply water to 30 million municipal residents, 4 million acres of irrigated farmland and generate more than 4,200 MW of hydropower [3]. The Colorado River runs 1,450 miles from its headwaters in the Rocky Mountains to the delta in Baja California, Mexico [4]. Its expansive watershed covers 246,000 square miles and spans two countries the United States and Mexico; within the United States the Colorado River watershed includes seven states: Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, California, Nevada, and New Mexico [5].

GFDL licensed map of the Colorado River Basin. Click image for source info.

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Riparians Water Features

Located in this basin- The United States of America
Located in this basin- Mexico

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Facts about Included Riparians

RiparianPopulation in BasinArea within Basin in sq. kmIrrigated Lands within Basin in sq kmAverage Discharge in cubic m per second
The United States of America644,358 km²248,788.015 mi²3,800 km²1,467.188 mi²158,443.823 m³/s5,595,390.8 cfs
5,000.012 km³/y
Mexico10,809 km²4,173.378 mi²25,800 km²9,961.436 mi²0 m³/s0 cfs
0 km³/y
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Average Basin Discharge158,443.823 m³/s (5,595,390.8 cfs, 5,000.012 km³/y) +
Basin Area655,167 km² (252,894.462 mi²) +
Located in RegionNorthern America +
RiparianThe United States of America + and Mexico +
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