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Population: 10349741
Central America

Belize is located in Central America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, between Guatemala and Mexico.

Drinking Water and Sanitation

While more than half of the population has access to improved drinking water, there are still communities that lack access to improved water sources. A larger portion of the rural population lacks improved water access. (0% of the rural population was estimated to be using unimproved water vs. 1.6% of urban population in 2012). A larger portion of the population has access to improved drinking water than improved sanitation (99.3 vs. 90.5).9.5% of the population does not have access to improved sanitation facilities (which include flush or pour-flush toilets connected to a piped sewer system, septic tank or pit latrine; ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrine; pit latrine with slab; or composting toilet) (2012 estimate).[1]

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