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Deleted Pages Still Exist

Mediawiki software archives deleted pages. The pages can be "undeleted" by an administrator The pages are only deleted as part of periodic website maintenance on a semi-annual to annual basis. If a page is accidentally or mistakenly deleted it can be repaired.

Irrelevant Content

Pages or articles that are created that are irrelevant or contrary to the purposes of AquaPedia will be deleted. Content placed in the wrong place will be moved to a better article location.

Spam, Vandalism

Any pages created as "spam" will be deleted. Page edits that appear to be vandalism will be reverted to the previous version.

Inaccurate Content

We suggest inaccurate content should be edited or removed on a case by case basis.

Controversial Content

Controversial content can be discussed on the Discussion ("Talk") page associated with each article or case study.

What Should Users do?

Any user who believes a page or article should be deleted should contact an administrator. If you believe an article has been mistakenly removed, contact an administrator.