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ASI articles are designed so that a single user can contribute a content that is specifically related to a particular case study, but is

  • affiliated with the author/co-authors of the content
  • not editable by other users

The appropriate content for these articles include:

  • original analysis of or synthesis (of other research/work) regarding the case or a significant aspect of the case,
  • well-researched opinion pieces regarding the case study or aspect of the case study,
  • reflections on personal experiences from someone involved closely with the topics and events discussed by this case study

Any content a user wishes to add to a specific case that is particularly nuanced or potentially contentious probably belongs in an ASI article. If a user wants to add some thoughts or research to a case and be able to exercise control over edits to that portion of the case, it may be advisable to shape that content into an ASI article.


AquaPedia administrators have the ability to edit any ASI article. These edits are recorded on the article’s “History” page. Generally speaking, Administrators will only make changes that improve readability of the article without changing the article’s meaning or intent

ASI articles are meant to provide analysis, synthesis, or insights that help increase knowledge, understanding, and informed discourse on the case study topic. This is not the place to provide disinformation, propaganda, or unfounded remarks. Articles should be written using factual sources, informed opinions, and high quality references. These articles can be considered to be analogous to Op Ed pieces, published personal essays, research reviews, or concluding statements that examine and evaluate evidence presented in the case study.

A user who submits an ASI article should properly acknowledge others who have helped with the opinion piece and should not present the ideas of others as his/her own. The articles should be prepared with the same care and attention to detail as any item that would be published through more traditional means.