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Contributing Content to AquaPedia

Only logged in user accounts can contribute content to AquaPedia. New accounts can comment and discuss existing cases and articles on their discussion pages, accessible from the "Discussion" tab at the top of each page.

Users with "confirmed-user" status can create and edit cases. If you'd like to create new content and do not have "confirmed-user" status, see our guidance here.

Editing Existing Content

Select "Edit" on any Case or Article page to make changes.

Creating a new case

Before creating a new case, see if your case meets the criteria for case inclusion.

Each new document starts with a title. Develop an original title for your case before using the form input below to start the case.

Contributing a new Background Article

Background articles contain information that can be potentially relevant to multiple cases. Ideally, articles should be added from within a case study on a relevant topic. You may also create and develop these articles and then link them from within the case study editing interface.

Much like case studies, beginning a new article simple requires entering a title into the correct form link below. See this advice on naming background articles. If you enter the name of an existing article, you'll be taken to that page.

Riparians - states or countries involved in a water management challenge or conflict:

Water Features - Bodies of water, Basins, or other important water resources:

Water Projects - Infrastructure (such as dams or irrigation projects) or Initiatives (such as commissions)

Agreements - Agreements and treaties

Contributing a new ASI Article

Analysis, Synthesis & Insights articles must be linked to exactly one case. These articles are also protected so that only a single author may edit them. Users with access to editing all pages on AquaPedia (administrators) can also edit anyone's ASI article, but must follow appropriate conduct in doing so.

You can access the form for starting new ASI sections from the "Edit" interface for Case Studies. Enter the editing interface and select the "Analysis, Synthesis & Insights" tab to see the form. Provide a descriptive title for your ASI article.