Upper Columbia United Tribes

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Location:Columbia River Basin, Northern America

The Upper Columbia United Tribes (UCUT) is a group of cooperating First Nation tribes dedicated to managing and preserving their sovereign rights over portions of the Columbia River basin and the fish, wildlife, and ecosystems within them. The UCUT was formed in 1982 by 5 tribes, the Coeur d’Alene, the Kalispel, The Kootenai, and the Spokane tribes. The Conderated Tribes of the Colville Reservation joined UCUTin the mid-1990’s. The UCUT reservation lands are found in the U.S. states of Washington, Montana, and Idaho. The UCUT consists of two representatives from each tribe (a commissioner and an alternate delegate) and a larger technical advisory committee. The group collaborates with a number of local and federal organizations on fisheries and river management projects, including the Fish and Wildlife service and the City of Spokane, WA (UCUT website, 2013).

UCUT Mission

To unite Upper Columbia River Tribes for the protection, preservation, and enhancement of Treaty/Executive Order Rights, Sovereignty, Culture, Fish, Water, Wildlife, Habitat and other interests and issues of common concern in our respective territories through a structured process of cooperation and coordination for the benefit of all people. UCUT website, accessed May 2013.

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