Neman Basin

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Neman Basin Facts

Basin Area: 90667 90,667 km²
34,997.462 mi²
Average Discharge: 6527.9346,527.934 m³/s
230,531.813 cfs
206.002 km³/y
Type:watershed or basin, river or creek

Includes Riparians: Belarus; Lithuania; Latvia; Poland; Russia;
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The Neman Basin is located in Eastern Europe.

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Riparians Water Features

Located in this basin- Belarus
Located in this basin- Poland
Located in this basin- Lithuania
Located in this basin- Russia
Located in this basin- Latvia

Other - Belarus
Other - Lithuania
Other - Latvia
Other - Poland
Other - Russia

Projects and Initiatives Agreements and Treaties

Facts about Included Riparians

RiparianPopulation in BasinArea within Basin in sq. kmIrrigated Lands within Basin in sq kmAverage Discharge in cubic m per second
Belarus2.038 million2,038,000 people42,062 km²16,240.229 mi²0 km²0 mi²
Poland0.174 million173,500 people3,786 km²1,461.783 mi²0 km²0 mi²31.689 m³/s1,119.086 cfs
1 km³/y
Lithuania2.364 million2,364,000 people39,713 km²15,333.275 mi²0 km²0 mi²6,337.8 m³/s223,817.295 cfs
200.002 km³/y
Russia0.136 million135,500 people4,786 km²1,847.885 mi²0 km²0 mi²158.445 m³/s5,595.432 cfs
5 km³/y
Latvia0.0117 million11,700 people320 km²123.553 mi²0 km²0 mi²0 m³/s0 cfs
0 km³/y
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Average Discharge6,527.934 m³/s (230,531.813 cfs, 206.002 km³/y) +
Basin Area90,667 km² (34,997.462 mi²) +
Located in RegionEastern Europe +
RiparianBelarus +, Lithuania +, Latvia +, Poland + and Russia +
Water Feature TypeWatershed or basin + and River or creek +
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