Mekong River

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Mekong River Facts

Basin Area: 59355100 59,355,100 km²
22,911,068.6 mi²
Type:watershed or basin, river or creek

Includes Riparians: China; Cambodia (Kampuchea); Laos; Myanmar (Burma); Vietnam; Thailand;
Facts about included riparians are at the end of the article. Fact References[1]

All Facts about Mekong River

The Mekong is the seventh largest river in the world in terms of discharge (tenth in length), rising in China , then flowing 4200 kilometers through Myanmar , Laos , Thailand , Cambodia , and finally through the extensive delta in Vietnam into the South China Sea. [2]

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Riparians Water Features

Located in this basin- China
Located in this basin- Thailand
Located in this basin- Myanmar (Burma)
Located in this basin- Kingdom of Cambodia
Located in this basin- Vietnam
Located in this basin- Laos

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  • Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database (TFDD) (2012). Oregon State University. — The Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database (TFDD) is a database intended for use in aiding the process of water conflict prevention and resolution. We have developed this database, a project of the Oregon State University Department of Geo-sciences, in collaboration with the Northwest Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering.
  1. ^ Facts about riparians are from the Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Datebase, Oregon State University. Accessed online via query: February 25, 2013
  2. ^ Product of the Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database, Department of Geosciences, Oregon State University. Additional information about the TFDD can be found at:

Facts about Included Riparians

RiparianPopulation in BasinArea within Basin in sq. kmIrrigated Lands within Basin in sq kmAverage Discharge in cubic m per second
China6.405 million6,405,000 people171,363 km²66,163.624 mi²12,000 km²4,633.226 mi²158,443.452 m³/s5,595,377.682 cfs
5,000 km³/y
Thailand24.502 million24,502,000 people193,457 km²74,694.165 mi²13,500 km²5,212.379 mi²190,132.142 m³/s6,714,453.218 cfs
6,000 km³/y
Myanmar (Burma)0.647 million647,100 people27,581 km²10,649.084 mi²1,400 km²540.543 mi²3,168.869 m³/s111,907.554 cfs
100 km³/y
Kingdom of Cambodia11.26 million11,260,000 people157,831 km²60,938.89 mi²7,900 km²3,050.207 mi²158,443.452 m³/s5,595,377.682 cfs
5,000 km³/y
Vietnam10.479 million10,479,000 people37,986 km²14,666.477 mi²7,600 km²2,934.376 mi²15,844.345 m³/s559,537.768 cfs
500 km³/y
Laos6.062 million6,062,000 people197,254 km²76,160.195 mi²79,000 km²30,502.071 mi²380,264.284 m³/s13,428,906.436 cfs
12,000 km³/y