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This project has been described as: "Initiative - commission or other group" is not in the list of possible values (Dam, Aqueduct/canal/transmission system, Irrigation, Wastewater Treatment, Drinking Water Treatment, Hydropower, Storage, Desalination Project) for this property.

The lower riparians of the Mekong basin met in 1957 and studied, modified, and finally endorsed a statute, which legally established the Committee for Coordination of Investigations of the Lower Mekong (Mekong Committee), made up of representatives of the four lower riparians, with input and support from the United Nations. The statute was signed on September 17, 1957. The statute included authority to prepare and submit to participating governments plans for carrying out coordinated research, study, and investigation;make requests on behalf of the participating governments for special financial and technical assistance and receive and administer separately such financial and technical assistance as may be offered under the technical assistance program of the United Nations, the specialized agencies, and friendly governments; draw up and recommend to participating governments criteria for the use of the water of the main river for the purpose of water resources development. [1]

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