Forming A Groundwater Sustainability Agency for Salinas Valley

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Case Description
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Geolocation: 36° 40' 28.3188", -121° 39' 5.9512"
Total Population .434434,000,000 millionmillion
Total Area 97709,770 km²
3,772.197 mi²
Climate Descriptors Semi-arid/steppe (Köppen B-type), Arid/desert (Köppen B-type)
Predominent Land Use Descriptors agricultural- cropland and pasture, urban
Important Uses of Water Agriculture or Irrigation, Domestic/Urban Supply


Natural, Historic, Economic, Regional, and Political Framework

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Facts about "Forming A Groundwater Sustainability Agency for Salinas Valley"RDF feed
Area9,770 km² (3,772.197 mi²) +
ClimateSemi-arid/steppe (Köppen B-type) + and Arid/desert (Köppen B-type) +
Geolocation36° 40' 28.3188", -121° 39' 5.9512"Latitude: 36.674533
Longitude: -121.6516531
Land Useagricultural- cropland and pasture + and urban +
Population434,000,000 million +
Water UseAgriculture or Irrigation + and Domestic/Urban Supply +