You received your assignment in class. You also should have received an account, and a handout with information on accessing your account, with an initial password that you should probably change. If you do not have this information, please email Amanda Repella(@Tufts)

The plan is that we’ll enter information into AquaPedia as a class activity at a later date.

I suggest that you take 10 – 15 minutes to acquaint yourself with the site and how it works. You can click on the “edit” tab for any article or case study to see how to edit it. changes are not made until you select “save all changes” or “save and continue” for case studies — so you can “play” with some of the settings and values to see how it will work (try “preview”!) before making changes.

To help you with planning and organizing the information you want to add for this project, we have two really basic word templates that you can use to collect your thoughts and compose/edit/proofread short answers and paragraphs. These may be very helpful to preparing your material so that you can quickly enter it during class time.

Pay special attention to the BOLD UNDERLINED sections of this organizational template. Also, make sure that you read the information in the text boxes with a grey or green background.

You will also notice, that other than a few questions, these two templates are VERY similar. That is intentional.

Water Feature Information Prep Template

Water Project Article Information Prep Template


These prep templates are for YOUR use before entering info into AquaPedia.

Dr. Gleason will want to read the material you put together before you post it on AquaPedia, in class, on July 31st. You should turn in a document to her that is easy to read with nice normal headings — similar to any paper you would submit for any class.


Thanks for submitting your documents! To help you with adding information today in class, I’ve added a custom reference list for each of you.

For each entry in your list you will see

<ref name=”some name”> The Reference/Citation Text you wrote </ref>

<ref name=”some name” />

For the FIRST use of that reference, copy and paste the first reference tag (the one that ends with </ref>

For all other uses of that reference, copy and past the second reference tag (the short one)

The system uses that tag to keep track of where/how many times you’ve cited a single source.









If you have problems with AquaPedia or questions about formatting/adding your research to AquaPedia, you should contact Amanda by email. Her email in on the handout she gave you in class.

If you have problems with your assignment content or in class presentation, you should contact Dr. Gleason.


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